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Welcome to Mail Resender's official page!

Mail Resender is a Freeware program.
In the beginning, its main function was to list files attached to messages from a mail source
account, and send them to any other mail account. But it has been enhanced to upload and download files.


- OS: Windows 9x/XP/Vista/7, Linux(Wine)

- Compatible with JoePC's Reenvia program

- Fast listing option

- Servers: (see Tutorials section)

- Folders management

- Database to manage accounts in an easy way

- Support for proxies with and without authentication

- 'Floating' help (tooltips)

- Multisend and multithread

- Split/merge files

 New Patch 1.9 for Version 2.18.013

- (Pollyanna) HTTP support for OI (GMail clone)
- (Pollyanna) Click21 removed
- (PeeKaBoo) Added support for (GMail clone)
- Free space check before merging
- (Pollyanna) GMail clones are now separated in the program
- Access to Walla and OI
- GMail connection to some accounts
- (Leo) Access to gazeta
- (PeeKaBoo) Problem with some labels in GMail
- (burns) Access to Picasa
- Old bug finally fixed: dowloaded incomplete files with POP/IMAP (1 byte left)
- (burns) HTTP access to
- (tedax17) HTTP access to and
- (PeeKaBoo) Problem with captchas in GMail
- HTTP access to some GMail accounts
- HTTP access to AOL
- Parsing multiple pages in AOL 

June 20, 2013

 New Version 2.18.013

Read carefully the "news".

- Forwarding from GMail using encrypted keys is disabled; it avoids the SMS blocking.
  You can use that very encrypted key in "Download" section.
- Encrypted keys for downloading are now only valid to download.
- Adapted to GMail's new interface
- Faster add/remove operations in database
- Connect to AOL using HTTP
- Skip the screen of google's new policy
- (Jeau) Captchas in gmail
- (Jeau) Skip the "phone screen" in gmail accounts
- Adapted to the new GMail's login site
- (Pollyanna) GMail HTTP access
- (Pollyanna) Upload files with Bol
- (pecuatrero) Forwarding and uploading from AOL
- (burns) Fatal error making maintenance

January 31, 2012

 New Version 2.18.012

 - Now you can search links with the program. See tutorials for more information.
- Support for, and once again via HTTP
- Autodownload from gmail
- Listing more than one file page from Yahoo using HTTP
- Old interface of GMail is not available
- (pecuatrero) Captcha in aol accounts
- (pecuatrero) Problem reading filenames in some aol accounts
- (montero11) SMTP connection to some servers
- (montero11) Downloading files from Bol
- (montero11) Listing encrypted file names (decrypted) via IMAP/POP
- Program crashed pushing buttons in "manage accounts" window
- (montero11): Connection to some SMTP servers
- (montero11): Downloading files from Skydrive
- (scadrian) Access to
- (watermelon) List files in Bol
- MainComm.exe recompiled and repacked for avoiding a false trojan detection in some antivirus
  (virus "Zapchast").
- Login captcha for
- Login to
- (tedax17) Access violation (the program misteriously crashes)
- (kardomiyo) Some invalid "connection data has changed" messages
- (pecuatrero) Login to AOL
- (maillot) Fatal error listing files in some accounts
- (watermelon) Problem listing folders in Bol
- (pecuatrero) Problems connecting to some gmail accounts
- (qasw27) Negative percentage in progress bar merging a file greater than 2-4GB
- (enzo) Closing the program when it is minimized makes it invisible next time you run it
- (pecuatrero) Problem with activation of Send button in uploading section
- (jaspeck) Option "source=destiny" malfuction

December 10, 2010

 New Version 2.17.011

- Charts in all operations
- (jovileal) New option "keep original subject" for downloading (just in AOL for this moment)
- Server Photobucket removed
- New global option: memory optimization. It was implemented in previous patches, but some
  people had problems in edit controls due to this subject. I recommend that you activate this option,
  and in case you find this trouble, uncheck it.
- Window resizeable, and restored sizes of window and columns since last execution
- (Proxen) Possibility to rename category and owner in database
- (watermelon) Connect to Bol via HTTP
- (Beduino) CTRL+I closed program when no internet connection
- (pecuatrero) Edit controls lost focus
- (tedax17) Some people had problems downloading from
- (maj_009) Access to AOL via HTTP
- (maj_009) Downloading from Skydrive and copy of links to clipboard
- (tedax17) SSL for Aol via POP/IMAP
- (manano) Downloading and forwarding in server Bol
- (tedax17) It showed invalid extra files in, and problem listing files using folders.
- Access to gmail and picasa accounts with HTTP fixed (not for gmail domains)
- Access to with HTTP fixed
- is an "AOL domain", now it is integrated in AOL. To connect to,
  write the full address and select server "AOL".
- (amaryllis) Captcha forwarding from Walla
- Downloading and forwarding from Walla with new interface
- Connect to Rediff accounts
- (scadrian) Download from Skydrive

January 6, 2010

 New Version 2.16.011

- Ads removed
- Support for a new format for splitting/merging: Camuflaweb 
- (Yzarc) Filter support in exploration list
- (ChemaNork) Remember last merge key used in the session
- New option to use the same key in multimerge automatically
- Possibility to change the user-agent of the program modifying User-Agent.txt.
   These days I've seen problems with some google accounts using MR or Firefox. It is due to a
   conflict between gmail and Firefox, and a temporary solution is to change the user-agent of the
   You may have more than one user-agent in the file (one per each line), but just the first one will be
   used by the program.
- Connect to Yahoo accounts
- Error GMAIL_AT uploading and forwarding
- (offthewall) Invalid file name downloading via IMAP
- Freezing problem in multimerge
- (jovileal) Reading of labels in
- (burns) Downloading from
- (jovileal) Listing files in SkyDrive
- (offthewall) Invalid file names in IMAP
- (scadrian) Skydrive login
- Downloading of incomplete files in google accounts without retrying via HTTP
- (fr3@ky) Reading of files in BOL
- (pepe) Subject with invalid format reading via pop/imap
- (jovileal) Program crashes reading messages with no subject via imap
- (pepe) History problem autodownloading via pop/imap
- (YzArC) Error reading SFV file and autodetecting known formats
- (malygos) Error merging missing Camuflaweb parts
- (ChemaNork) CTRL+I operative again
- (fre@ky) Mesage not found forwarding and downloading
- (acme) Error listing and forwarding with slow listing
- Error connecting and downloading with AOL via HTTP
- (jovileal) Error listing a bad number of files via IMAP
- (GamJ) Bug showing options in Windows Vista

August 29, 2009

 New Version 2.15.011

- Automatic checking and installation of new patches
- (jovileal) New server for downloading: SkyDrive. To copy the links to the clipboard,
   you must read the account in slow listing (uncheck global option "fast listing").
- Support for domains in google accounts for all methods
- Reset progress bar after closing captcha
- (jovileal) Errors working with Rediff and O2
- (krous) Download full images from Picasa and problem listing images
- (jovileal, tedax) Some changes in Aol,,

February 19, 2009